Mathematics Questions from LRGS

1. Which fraction is the biggest?

A   1+2/2+3         B  2+4/2+3        C 1+2/4+6            D  1+4/1+3            E   3+4/2+4 

2. A ball is dropped onto a hard surface. Each time it bounces it rebounds to exactly one third of the height from which it fell. After the second bounce the ball rises to a height of 9cm. From what height was it originally dropped?

A 1cm
B 3cm
C 9cm
D 27cm
E 81cm

3. A newspaper has thirty six pages. Which other pages are on the same sheet as page 10?

A 9,11,12
B 11,12,13
C 9,27,28
D 9,29,30
E 11,26,27

4. One quarter of a number is 24. What is one third of the original number?

A 6
B 8
C 32
D 72
E 96

5. 6% of 6 plus 8% of 8 equals

A 0.14
B 1
C 1.4
D 1.96
E 2

6. On four tests each marked out of 100 my average was 85. What was the lowest mark I could have scored on any one test?

A 0
B 40
C 60
D 81
E 85

7. The World Wide Fund for Nature estimates that 54 acres of Brazilian rain forest are destroyed every minute of every day. Approximately how many acres are lost each week?

A 50 000
B 80 000
C 200 000
D 500 000
E 2 000 000

8. In a sponsored "animal streak" the cheetah ran at 90 km/h for 18 seconds. The snail crawled along at 20 h/km. How long did it take the snail to cover the same distance as the cheetah approximately?

A 9 months
B 9 weeks
C 9 days
D 9 hours
E 9 minutes

9. Wallace and Gromit are waiting in a queue. There are x people behind Wallace, who is y places in front of Gromit. If there are n people in front of Gromit, how long is the queue?

A n-x+y+2
B n+x-y
C n-x+y-1
D n+x-y+1
E n-x+y

10. ABCD is a square with sides of length 9cm. How many points (inside or outside the square) are equidistant from B and from C and are exactly 6cm from A?

A 0
B 1
C 2
D 3
E more than 3


You should not use a calculator to solve these problems though a dictionary may help!

Please send answers to Robin Thompson or David Leckey.

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