Transnational Learning Network
Ein Schulentwicklungsprojekt
im Comenius-Förderprogramm

The COMENIUS Survival Booklet  

The 6 partner schools (from Finland, France, Germany, Poland, Romania and United Kingdom) hope to carry out a three year project (2001 – 2004) under the title “Transnational Learning Network” (TLN) together with associated partners from the world of education. Central to the concept is the intention to plan, organise, carry out and evaluate a transnational programme of work at teacher level and at student level. In this, the use of modern communication technologies is just as essential as personal meetings in Planning Conferences and Workshops. The professional pedagogical conclusions will be published in various media, as well as a practical report on the working processes, leading to a guide for learning in transnational networks.The project enables the schools’ managements and teachers of the 6 schools to develop the different school curricula in the fields of the European dimensions, new learning environments and the requirements of the information society and lifelong learning.

Here it is: 

Ein Leitfaden für das Lernen in transnationalen Netzwerken
Guide for learning in transnational networks
Guide d’apprentissage pour les réseaux transnationaux
Monikansallisissa verkostoissa oppimisen opas
Ghid pentru invatamant in retele transnationale
Glówne zasady uczenia sie w wielonarodowym systemie