Montargis Planning Conference, 5th to 9th October  

Saturday 5th October:


Sunday 6th October:

·         students in guest-families

·         teachers :
07.30              breakfast in the school restaurant
08.30              leaving for a “tour de Puisaye” (bus)
Evening in a restaurant in Montargis


Monday 7th October:

09.00  1st working-session (Plenum: amphitheatre)  
Welcome by Dominique Paré  
Review of past year (national coordinators, Andreas)  
Reports on sub-projects: Look onto the Web-Site (Gilbert / Andreas)

10.30  coffee break

11.00   2nd working-session (in groups)  
Planning work on “old” sub-projects ( improvements, aims, inter-activity, who is responsible … )  
Report back  
List of topics for new sub-projects (all: pinboard)

12.15  lunch  

Conf_repas2.JPG (129182 octets)
14.00    3rd working-session (in 2 groups)  
Students choose their favourite topics  
Teacher’s talk about
a) Comenius week (e.g financing)  

b) guidebook for European cooperation  
c) evaluation (download the evaluation guide)

Students report back  

15.30   break

16.00   4th working-session (in groups)  
Planning work on “new” sub-projects (who is responsible, aims, time-table, inter-activity, … )  
20.00         For teachers : official dinner with headmasters in the school restaurant

Tuesday, October 8th:

09.00     5th working-session (Plenum)  
Report back about the “new” projects  
Making dates: Planning conference 2003 ( Where? When? ) / Final Conference ( Rendsburg, When? )  
Updating addresses

10.30  coffee break

11.00    6th working-session  
Training on using the web-site (ftp and more) – students as coaches if possible


12.15  lunch Conf_repas1.JPG (125529 octets)

afternoon in town

 19.00       For teachers : Evening at Gilbert’s in Gy-les-Nonains

Wednesday, October 9th: