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Romanian Lifestyle

If we were to talk about the Romanian lifestyle we would have to take into account the difference between rural customs and the ones representative for towns and cities. In fact, traditions have been mainly kept vivid in villages. Technology has taken over and people have sometimes forgotten their roots.

The Romanians living in villages, probably because of the specific environment and the way they were brought up, preserve the spirit and values they were taught to respect. As an example, Sunday remains a sacred day which people celebrate by organising and taking part in various festivities and fairs. On these special occasions they wear folk costumes, a cultural symbol of continuity.

Another cultural aspect of the country life concerns the traditions and superstitions connected to the religious days such as Christmas and Easter. These represent much more than simple feasts, they are a way of regaining spiritual purity.

Living in the city brings about a new perspective on enjoying and regarding the old traditions. They have not lost their meaning but changed their appearance. Towns are alive not only in the holiday period but also during the rest of the year. Week-ends are the times when people escape from every-day duties and manage to have fun, whatever their social status.

Clubs and discos are always full of young people, who also take part in special events, because the Romanians are very warm and lively people. Most of us leave the towns for a picnic or a barbeque on Saturdays and Sundays.

Having to choose whether to visit one of the above described – village or city – can be a difficult task. People will welcome you and try to make your stay as pleasant as possible wherever they live.

This is a general characteristic of our Latin country and its lifestyle.

Miruna Mirodotescu, Simona Radu