Problems from Finland

 14-15 years:

1. There are 12 teams in the football championship league. The league is played four-fold: Each team plays against other teams four times.
a) How many matches does each team play?
b) How many matches are played altogether?

2. Anna, Katja, Timo and Petri play cards. Anna had to deal 52 cards equally to every player. But this is what happened.
Katja: "I have two cards less than Anna."
Timo: "I have twice as many cards as Katja."
Petri: "I have 13 cards."
Anna: "Oops. One card had fallen on the floor before dealing."
How many cards did everybody have?


16-18 years:

1. a) Mika opens a savings account at the beginning of year 2003 and deposits 2000 euros in the account. How high should the percentage of interest be, so that retiring at the beginning of year 2030, he could withdraw 10000 euros from his account. Interest is paid always at the end of year.
b) Markus also opens an account at the beginning of year 2003. He deposits 200 euros in the account at the beginning of every year. Annual interest is 5,1 %. How much can he withdraw from his account at the end of year 2030?

2. Solve:


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